Robotic Systems

All Minatech robotic systems allow for complete production control of the robot from touch panel interface. Operators are able to reset, enable, home, start, and stop the robot with ease.

Take-out and Part Handling

Take-out systems for blow molding machines are available as dedicated equipment or incorporate the use of an industrial robot (FANUC). Minatech take-out systems are available for accumulator head (e.g. MILACRON, KAUTEX), shuttle (e.g. FHB, BEKUM) and stretch blow molding machines (e.g. AOKI). We provide seamless communication and integration with the primary process equipment. Take-out systems provide part qualification and positive part control throughout the entire secondary operations process.

De-flashing and Trimming

Minatech offers two major de-flash technologies for blow molded parts: trim-die and ultrasonic cutting/de-flashing. Trim-die process is recommended for parts with adequate structural integrity as they exit the blow molding press. We complete the system with a full set of tooling for the de-flash units: mask and clamp trim-die punch are made for parts of varied complexity.

Ultrasonic de-flashing is recommended for thin wall parts and parts with flash all the way around the part. Ultrasonic de-flashing is beneficial for heavily customized blow molding operations, since it requires minimum interchangeable tooling. To further simplify tool changeovers, Minatech has introduced RFID tool tracking and part setup from the HMI.


Utilizing the latest in FANUC Robotics line tracking technology or traditional bowl feeding systems Minatech offers assembly robotic cells for blow molded and injection molded parts. Assembly equipment allows positive part control through the entire process and the ability to compensate for the constantly changing dimensions of the blow molded parts as they cool down during the assembly process. Additionally, we offer installation of parts that have a low torque specification. Along with assembly of the parts Minatech has successfully developed unique chip-less drilling technology for chemical and gas tank containers. No plastic remains inside the part after drilling is complete.


Minatech offers robotic palletizing cells utilizing industrial robots (FANUC). Equipment includes skid feeding systems, slip sheet magazines, palletizing and unloading conveyors integrated with strapping machines.